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When to avoid trading or trade in less quantity

Avoid trading or trade-in less quantity

1. in NSE and MCX Gold-Silver whenever RBI credit policy is scheduled

2. in auto stocks on 1st working day of the month as normally auto sales data are released

3. in MCX Crude Oil whenever USA Crude Oil inventory or OPEC meeting, or OPEC report is scheduled. And in MCX Natural Gas whenever Natural Gas inventory is scheduled. The client can get this data at

4. in MCX whenever USA FOMC or FED event, USA Interest Rate Data,  Holiday in USA or China market, USA Interest Rate decision is scheduled. The client can get this data at

5. if made a profit in 1st call of a script, then trade in less quantity or avoid trading another call of that same script.

6. sometimes due to various calculations, buy-sell levels are too near. This situation happens rarely, but whenever this happens, traders should avoid trading in that particular script.

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