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Understanding levels

TSL means trailing stop loss. After TGT 1 is achieved, reduce the open position and trail stop loss beyond TSL 1 in the remaining position. After TGT 2 is achieved, again reduce some position and trail stop loss beyond TSL 2 in remaining position. Exit remaining all position at TGT 3

1. Buy only if the price goes above 1772.36. Sell only if the price goes at 1784.23. In between, there will be no trade.

2. If the market has opened beyond entry price then allow it to come at the entry point and then enter the position at entry price.

3. An entry has to be made only after the entry price comes after *20 minutes of market opening

4. In the above example, if the Buy call is activated at 1772.36, then keep a stop loss below 1760.49

5. It is advisable to enter a position in a staggered manner from entry to stop loss. Means buy some lots at entry price and remaining lots between entry and stop-loss price. Keep stop loss in all lots below 1760.49

6. While exiting, exit 50% at 1st target TGT1, 25% at 2nd target TGT2, and remaining 25% at 3rd target TGT3

7. After each target. trail stop loss in remaining lots as mentioned above. For eg, in Buy call, if 1st target TGT 1 1784.22 is achieved, then exit in 50% quantity and in the remaining 50% trail stop loss beyond TSL1 1772.36

*20 Minutes is for BSE Cash-NSE Cash-NSE Future. Wait for only 10 minutes in MCX Future-NCDEX Future-MCX Options-NSE Options.

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