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Points to be noted before trading

1. A new subscriber or if new indicator version is launched, then one should do paper trading or track the calls for a few days before trading with actual money. Once gets confidence, start trading in less quantity. As confidence increases, the client can increase the traded quantity.

2. Diversify the portfolio and do not park all money in a single script.

3. Depending on various calculations sometimes level would be not shown and instead “0” or “-” will be shown. This is normal.

4. We believe in quality and not in quantity. Levels will be generated only once in a day, i.e before the market is opened. Levels will not change after that.

5. If entered the position and target and stop-loss are not achieved, then the trader can carry forward the position for 1 more day with the same target and stop loss. (We suggest to exit the position on the same day if the closing price is trading in profit)

6. If gets re-entry after the main stop loss is triggered, traders can re-enter the position. Please note, we will not track re-entered calls.

7. If you made a profit in 1st call of the script, then avoid trading the 2nd call in that particular script.

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