Trading in MCX-NSE doesn't need to be difficult

Now that’s why theVcap provides you with high-quality intraday trading tips and signals on the various trading scripts in MCX and NSE of the Indian Market that will help you trade effortlessly.

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Get trading calls based on the most reliable technical analysis and with just a simple internet connection you will get top-notch pre-market daily tips directly on your phone or computer.

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Reliable return on investment

We have the best MCX and NSE tips pack which can fetch accuracy of as high as 70-75%, no false claim of 90-95% accuracy.

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Our 24/7 expert support and relationship management desk is always available to educate you about the market.

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We believe that profit is not something to wait for until the end, but it is something to plan for in the beginning, that is why we provide you top-notch pre-market tips which gives you enough time to plan your trade ahead of others.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Asides being SEBI registered, we are one of the most experienced service providers in India with 14 days money return guarantee if we don’t meet our promise, meaning you don’t have anything to lose.

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With increasing numbers of satisfied clients, we decided to give you a guarantee of 100% money return after using our service for 14 days without satisfaction which has never happened till today.

Our team of professionals have developed a software that provides you with easy-to-understand signals and tips, time to trade with confidence. Keeping you ahead of others with timely calls and pre-market tips anywhere you go.

We believe traders have different trading strategies that’s why we summoned experts with powerful and proven trading strategies that fit you as a beginner or a professional; we have got you covered.


NSE Trader


Your software is really very useful & easy for trading in any segments of share & commodity trading. I am getting very good returns in share trading by using this software.


NSE Trader


I think the new version which you have introduced will be one of the best version till date. Because in this version 2 calls and one target which I liked it very much. Thank a lot.


MCX Trader


Just few days I’m watching your v2-imperial calls is excellent..most of them done targets.